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Romance Writers Summit

Romance Writers Summit is a project of Romance Writing Lab. It’s a week-long, online writing craft forum featuring interviews & workshops with expert storytellers & writers.

Learn new concepts or get a fresh take on an old one. Learn how to write fantastic, must-read fiction. Light your creative fires.

We’re all craft, all the time.

We’re currently doing what all writers do: revising! The website is being rebuilt as we speak.

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About Romance Writers Summit


The Romance Writers Summit is an annual, week-long, online writing craft conference featuring experts in multiple fields of storytelling: fiction, nonfiction, screen, video game.

The last Summit had almost 3000 writers join us. They had access to 25 expert speakers & over 16 hours of high-quality, in depth Story craft workshops.

We covered topics such as character development, pace, backstory, world-building, conflict, writing the alpha, crafting love scenes, adapting your novel to a screenplay, structure, plotting, turning points, writing in a series, writing across genres, and much more.

We’re preparing for the next one right now. Get ready to light your creative fires at the next Romance Writers Summit!

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Want Something Crafty Right Now??


Are you struggling with backstory?

Are your characters leaping off the page?

Do you have enough tension, or is your story sagging & maybe a bit…lackluster??

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We’re all craft, all the time. 

For all storytellers.


As much as we love romance (and we do!), Romance Writers Summit will benefit all writers–and we welcome you.

Whatever your genre–thriller, mystery, horror, sci-fi, YA–if you want to be a better storyteller, the Romance Writers Summit is the place to be.

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